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As parents, your greatest responsibility is the care and maintenance of your child. This is what we mean when we talk about custody: who makes what decisions, when and how?

When parents live in separate households, custody agreements often fill gaps and keep parents on the same page. They clarify who is responsible for a child’s care, when to consult with your coparent and other necessary boundaries.

Custody itself is split into two categories: physical and legal. Physical custody refers to where a child is staying and with whom. Legal custody refers to other decisions, like education issues, medical issues. The courts typically will split custody between coparents whenever possible as a way to best serve the child’s best interests.

However, joint custody and 50/50 custody agreements do not work for all situations.

If you are seeking to establish parental rights or modify an existing custody order, please contact our firm in order to establish a plan to best serve the best interest of your children.