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Planning For Divorce Makes Great Sense

Ending a marriage is a difficult decision that is made even more challenging if you are uncertain about how aspects of your divorce will be handled or what the possible outcomes of critical issues such as child custody or the division of marital assets may be.

At The Law Offices of Nicholas A. Kulik, LLC., we understand that many individuals think about divorce long before they act. For others, they may be caught off guard to learn from a spouse that he or she is seeking a divorce.

It is wise to consider everything that is involved in the divorce process, as well as what your hopes are for your post-divorce life. Reviewing these important matters with a knowledgeable family law attorney can provide clarity for important strategic decisions that will eventually be made.

Why A Pre-Divorce Consultation Makes Sense

Attorney Nicholas A. Kulik, Esq., offers pre-divorce consultations in which he will answer your questions and help you understand your legal obligations and rights.

Setting realistic expectations early in the process can reduce or eliminate tension or anger that often leads to rash decisions or prolonged litigation.

Becoming better informed on what is and isn’t possible in divorce can help avoid litigation and save substantial amounts in legal fees.

We offer pre-divorce consultations to individuals or to couples who are willing to meet for constructive planning purposes. We will review your situation and recommend steps that are tailored to your needs. This may include addressing the following issues:

  • Whether either party should remain in the marital home
  • Paying down marital debt
  • Clarifying which assets will likely be deemed marital assets and which will likely be considered personal assets
  • Obtaining further education or training for career purposes
  • Life changes that may be wise to make in advance of a divorce

If you have not decided whether to get divorced, a pre-divorce consultation may still make sense. Understanding what is involved in the process and what is realistic to expect post-divorce can help you make the decision that’s best for you.

An Important Step When Children Are Involved

For many couples contemplating divorce, the impact it will have on young children is top of mind. We can facilitate a discussion on what is in your child’s best interest and keep the focus on their educational, social and emotional needs.

Schedule A Pre-Divorce Consultation To Gain Clarity

We welcome the opportunity to review the facts of your potential divorce and answer any questions you may have. We charge a flat fee for a pre-divorce consultation. There is no obligation to enlist our services going forward, though a consultation such as this will provide you a good feel for whether you want us to represent you.

Call 513-964-4767 or use our online contact form to begin scheduling a pre-divorce consultation.